Case Study
Samsung Life Insurance

Samsung Life Insurance uses Ezfinger2 to simplify, secure, and manage access for a workforce.

Move to Passwordless for the remote workers & the on-site workforces.

About Samsung Life Insurance

Samsung Life Insurance has led the Korean insurance industry by disseminating the noble value of insurance since its establishment in 1957. As one of their
outstanding track records, they hit the US $300 billion mark in total assets for the first time among the nonbank financial institutions in Korea. Moreover, they topped the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for 16 consecutive years.

The results:
Frictionless user experience, Stronger security, and lower cost with Ezfinger2 fingerprint security keys.
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0% account take over.
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90% authentication time reduced.

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95% reduction in passwords problems.
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39,600 hours/year saved on authentication alone.

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