Case Study
SK shieldus

EzAuth integrated authentication solution helped SK Shieldus strengthen its video management system access.

EzAuth passwordless MFA solution significantly reduces the risks related to password usage and management.

SK Shields (formerly ADT Caps, SK Infosec) is 

a LifeCare Platform company providing security, safety & care services through space and time. It is a converged security provider with business capabilities in physical security such as access control, video security, and unmanned security but also in cybersecurity such as information security control, information protection solution, and information security consulting.


The organization requires a strong level of authentication security which can be easily deployed and supports various biometric authentication methods that will replace vulnerable passwords that were used to access public CCTV integrated control.

The results

0%  Account takeove

95%  Password problem reduction

10배  times faster authentication (compared to passwords)

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